God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.


Important Message from Tom Z for these Turbulent Times



Cramer: Like or hate Trump, ‘these are the best numbers of our lives’ on jobs




1,100 New Jobs Expected From GM and LG Chemical’s $2.3 Billion Investment in Northeast Ohio - The Ohio Star  (CLICK HERE TO READ)



Shame on FoxNews and all the other media outlets who are doing wall-to-wall coverage of this phony "Impeachment Hearing" and giving credence and exposure to this illegal coup attempt!  Credit to Salem Media and Rush Limbaugh for not giving free air time to this travesty.

Why would YOU, and American Citizen, take your time to willingly watch and listen to people who's sole purpose is to intentionally lie to you about the President of the United States?  Don't worry, plenty of journalists on both sides of the political spectrum will provide the highlights/lowlights, and the spin, to tell you what they think happens today and this week.

Let me save you and them some time. NOTHING that happens this week in this phony, kangaroo court, illegitimate hearing is important. How can anything they say be considered important when there is no fairness, no due process, no rule of law in any of this??? One sick, despicable, person - Adam Schiff - is the prosecutor, the judge and the jury in this staged bastardization of American values that we revere - fundamental fairness and the rule of law.  This political theater is exactly the same propaganda techniques that Hitler used to gain power in Germany and Stalin used  to rule over Russia. We will NOT stand for this in the United States!

So, instead of watching or listening to this nonsense, take action to protect and defend your individual liberty and freedom.  Pick up the phone right now and call, or write to, the US Department of Justice and tell them that you DEMAND equal justice under the law and you DEMAND that they bring charges against these people who are so blatantly undermining our electoral process, our Constitution, and the functioning of our Federal Government.

Then grab your Trump sign from 2016, or your Trump flag, or just make a hand made sign and put it back out in your yard or in the window of your home and show your neighbors that you support the President and you are not afraid to show it! 

Today we show our appreciation to our living veterans for the sacrifices they and their families have made, and are making, to defend our nation and to defend our sacred Constitution and our way of life. We are grateful that they are finally getting the recognition they deserve, and the medical treatment they deserve, from a grateful nation.
In 2016 for the first time, the Gulf War veterans became the largest veterans group, though the total number of veterans is expected to fall from 20 Million to 13 Million over the next 20 years. Ohio has the sixth most veterans of all 50 states with 817,840 as of 2015. While nationally only 7.88% of citizens are vets in Ohio 9% of our adult population are vets.
Be sure to reach out to all the veterans you know today and thank them for protecting your rights and your way of life. Every citizen owes our veterans a debt of gratitude.

You are Invited to Attend . . .
What: Portage County TEA Party Meeting
When: 7:00 PM Wednesday, October 23, 2019
Where: Maplewood Career Center, 7075 State Route 88, Ravenna, OH 44260
Why: We will talk about the upcoming elections in a few weeks, our plans to support or defeat certain candidates and/or issues, and we will meet a new Republican Candidate for US Congress and talk with the only conservative candidate in Ravenna!
Bring a Friend with you!

No TV show, no movie, no sporting event, no yard work, no book, no video game is more important than your watching this entire video this weekend . . . trust me!



"Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people, it is wholly inadequate for the government of any other."

In this extremely important video Attorney General Bill Barr explains the dire threat to ALL AMERICANS caused by the intentional attacks on people of faith and their religious values, and to the very existence of our nation, from the policies of the secular left. Policies which have been promoted and implemented by the elected officials whom many people of faith have consistently voted for and intend to vote for going forward.

All American's, especially Agnostics, Atheists, Jews, Gays, and people who hold secular values, need to hear and understand the historical truths and legal facts that AG Barr presents so clearly in this speech. Then we all must take the time to carefully think about what we actually know as truth, what we really believe, and what each of us are intentionally doing to ourselves, to our children and families, and to our nation, with our votes going forward.

After viewing this video their can be no ambiguity, each of us will know exactly what we are doing when we cast our votes - and we will  be personally responsible for the outcomes those votes create for us, for our fellow citizens, and for the world.

Please share this video with everyone you know, by just copying this link and pasting it in your email or your facebook or twitter post:


If you would like to read the written version of the speech - CLICK HERE.

People of Faith should share this video with their Pastor, Priest or Rabbi and then ask them to show it at your Church or Temple and discuss the contents of the speech with the entire congregation.

If you would like to download this complete video to your hard disk - CLICK HERE

Sign Wave Impacts 16,000 Citizens!

Next PCTEA Meeting - Wed. Oct. 23rd!


With an observed average of 34 cars per minute passing each way under the pedestrian bridge over State Route 8 in Cuyahoga Falls, over 8,000 cars passed under our signs during the 2 hours of our sign wave. With an average of 2 people per car, that we sampled, over 16,000 citizens received our message about cleaning house at the FBI/DOJ/CIA and our demands for EQUAL JUSTICE FOR ALL! This event was a huge success that was greeted by a majority of horn honks and friendly waves among a small minority of middle finger salutes! Thank you to the Patriots who attended! Those who did not join with us please plan to attend the next event! If you don't know why this important, please watch this video from Tom Zawistowski today and then share it!

Next Portage County TEA Party Meeting will be:

Wednesday, October 23, 2019 at 7:00 PM

at Maplewood Career Center

at 7075 State Route 88 in Ravenna, OH 44266

For Immediate Release: Thursday, October 10, 2019
Contact: Tom Zawistowski, 330-592-1848, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mogadore, OH - The Portage County TEA Party, and other local Liberty Groups, will hold a "Demand Equal Justice" Sign-Wave in Cuyahoga Falls, OH this Saturday, October 12, 2019 from 11:00 AM until 1:00 PM. The Sign-Wave will be held on the pedestrian bridge behind Roberts Middle School which is located at 3333 Charles Street, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221. Like minded citizens are invited to join the peaceful protest.
Tom Zawistowski, the Executive Director of the Portage County TEA Party, said "As citizens we are concerned by the destruction of our legal system taking place most visibly at the Federal Level. Terrible crimes have been committed by members or our government, members of our law enforcement agencies, and even elected officials - all of whom are supposed to be upholding the rule of law. Without Equal Justice Under the Law we are not a nation at all because then We the People would be ruled by men and not by law. That is why we DEMAND that the laws be enforced equally and that this perverse culture in Washington of people being denied due process and treated as if they are guilty of charges until proven innocent be completely rejected by our government, our courts, and our law enforcement agencies. " 
Zawistowski continued, "We are holding this Sign-Wave on Saturday, October 12, 2019 to send a message to President Trump and to Attorney General Barr, and our fellow citizens, that We the People expect that charges be filed against everyone who has committed crimes. No one is above the law - especially law enforcement, members of the courts, government employees and elected officials and their staff's. The evidence is clear that that people tried to change the outcome of the 2016 election, colluded with multiple foreign governments, and then attempted to stage a Coup upon the President we lawfully elected. It is time to clean house at the DOJ/FBI/CIA! WE DEMAND JUSTICE BE SERVED!"
Zawistowski concluded, "We ask like minded Americans to join us on the Pedestrian Bridge behind Roberts Middle School in Cuyahoga Falls, OH and to bring hand made signs and flags with them for this peaceful protest. We will continue to protest in the days and weeks ahead until justice is done and rule of law is re-established in our nation."
More information can be found on the Portage County TEA Party website at www.PortageCountyTEAParty.com.




The Portage County TEA Party, and Patriots from TEA Party and Liberty Groups from several surrounding counties, met at the FBI Building in Cleveland to DEMAND Equal Justice Under the LAW for All on Thursday, October 3, 2019. Cleveland TV Channel 19 did two live remote broadcast from the protest as well this video we posted on our Facebook page. We urge all Patriots to organize sign waves and take action to support President Trump and AG Bill Barr's investigation into this coup attempt! The Portage County TEA Party is currently planning a sign-wave on the bridge over State Route 8 in Cuyahoga Falls in the next week or so.

Thank you to all who attended! We had a good time and particularly enjoyed our little confrontation with the General Manager of WKYC TV - which was just 200 feet from where we protested and did not cover the event like Channel 19 TV did. It felt good to tell the "fake news" right to their face that they are liars!



The Portage County TEA Party will hold a "Demand Equal Justice" Protest outside the FBI office at 1501 Lakeside Ave. East in Cleveland, OH this Thursday, October 3, 2019 from 11:30 AM until 1:30 PM.  Like minded citizens are invited to join the peaceful protest.

Tom Zawistowski, the Executive Director of the Portage County TEA Party, said "It is time that We the People stand up to the corruption in our law enforcement community, our judicial system, our federal government, our political parties and the media. No one is above the law and we demand that justice be enforced equally. What the regressive, Leftist, Democratic/Socialist in Congress, in our government, and in our media are doing is nothing less than a coup attempt on this President that is designed to take away the votes of 62 million Americans and reverse the results of a fair election."

Zawistowski continued, "We demand that  US Attorney General Bill Barr use all the resources at his disposal to bring charges against ALL of those who have committed crimes regardless of their position in society or in government. Our Constitution gives us a nation ruled by law and not men.  It is now clear that for several decades at least we have been a nation ruled by men who break our laws with impunity to rule over us. We will not stand for this double standard any longer."

Zawistowski concluded, "We ask like minded Americans to join us outside the FBI Office in Cleveland and to bring hand made signs and flags with them for this peaceful protest. We will continue to protest in the days and weeks ahead until justice is done and rule of law is re-established in our nation."

Suggested Sign Ideas:

It is critical that as a movement and as individuals that we keep our focus on what is really important to our future. This nonsense about Impeaching Trump is just that - Nonsense. Ignore it. It is nothing but a distraction.
The real threat to our nation and to you and I individually is the lack of equal justice under the law. If we cannot push Attorney General Barr and President Trump to charge and convict these criminals like Joe Biden and Andrew McCabe and all the other, our nation is finished and their is no way we can win the elections next year!
This is a line we cannot cross. We can not become 2nd class citizens, we must DEMAND equal justice be applied to ALL Americans, including politicians, government employees, members of the media, and the ruling class!
I do not believe that Barr will act without public pressure, so let’s start putting on the pressure! Focus on the real threats and ignore the rest.
DEMAND Equal Justice NOW:
1)  Call/Write to US Attorney General William Barr  and DEMAND that those in the DOJ/FBI/CIA/NSA/State Dept/White House and other federal agencies, who broke the law, be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law! Barr will not have the courage to act without public pressure.
2) Make Plans NOW to Protest in your Community or at the nearest  FBI office or DOJ Office ( Northern Ohio  -  Southern Ohio ) if charges are not filed against the perpetrators of the Trump Coup Attempt.
3) Write Letters to the Editor and call-in to local talk radio shows explaining that without equal justice for all the United States cannot exist. Demand that law enforcement at all levels start doing their jobs and start treating all citizens equally.

On Wednesday night, members of the Portage County TEA Party marked the 911 Anniversary with a special prayer by Larry Stewart and by showing a video compilation of news video from that day 18 years ago which included the attacks in New York City as well as on the Pentagon and the heroic effort by citizens to stop the Islamic terrorist hijackers in Somerset, PA.

In the second half of the meeting, attendees were the first to see the Premier of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) produced documentary film "Targeting U.S." which documents the fight by TEA Party groups against the illegal targeting by the Obama Administration's Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Since the Portage County TEA Party was part of the  successful ACLJ lawsuit against the US Government and the IRS, our group was given the honor of being one of the first in the nation to view the film.

After the movie, Tom Zawistowski, Executive Director of the Portage County TEA Party, who appeared in the movie multiple times to help tell the story, said that the reason this movie is important was because it shows that regular American's can fight our government, when it does wrong, and win that fight. He noted that today, we face a severe threat to the very survival of our Republic because of the lawlessness in our FBI, DOJ, NSA, CIA, DIA and Federal Government in general and that we must prepare to take on the Federal Government AGAIN to DEMAND Equal Justice Under the Law.

Zawistowski noted that without equal justice for ALL that we are not a Nation at ALL. Pointing out that what made the United States of America unique at its founding was the fact that we are a nation ruled by law and not men. Unfortunately, the evidence strongly demonstrates that in the past 50 years we have been ruled by men who have ignored and broken our laws. Zawistowski said, if the criminals who tried to rig the 2016 election, and attempted a coup attempt against President Donald Trump after his election, are not prosecuted then they will be free to continue to break the law and will steal the 2020 election.

Zawistowski concluded the meeting by telling members that he believes that Attorney General William Barr will not be able to prosecute those who are clearly guilty without public pressure to do so. He asked PCTEA Members to prepare to protest outside the FBI Building in Downtown Cleveland if AG Barr does not start to bring criminal charges outlined in the book "Ball of Collusion" - which Zawistowski called an indictment by former Federal Prosecutor Andrew McCarthy.

Zawistowski, said that he would be working with the ACLJ to make the documentary "Targeting U.S." available for everyone to see and would let members know in the coming days how they can get DVD's or where they can watch the film.