For Immediate Release: Friday, September 23, 2016
Mogadore, OH - Portage County TEA Party Executive Director, Tom Zawistowski, lashed out today at the national media for their lack of coverage of the Impeachment Hearing of IRS Commissioner John Koskinen conducted this week by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Zawistowski called the national media “complicit” in the coverup by the Obama Administration saying “the national media has forfeited their special place under the US Constitution to be the eyes and ears of the public and to hold government accountable.”
Zawistowski said “This week the IRS Commissioner literally admitted in his US House Impeachment Hearing that the IRS staff targeted the common citizens who made up the TEA Party Movement in an effort to stop them from having the same impact on the 2012 presidential election as they had in the 2010 house elections. He admitted that IRS staff destroyed Lois Learners emails with full prior knowledge that Congress and ordered them to be preserved for its investigation. He admitted that his testimony to Congress was false on numerous occasions. Then he reluctantly conceded to Congressman Jim Jordan that the Federal District Court ruling that the IRS was still targeting TEA Party Groups today was in fact true. Only one national TV network reported on any of these developments, Fox News, and few print outlets or news websites gave it the coverage it deserved - if any.”
Zawistowski continued “If these admissions of illegal activity by a high ranking official in the Obama Administration, one who was recently defended by President Obama himself, is not news then what is news? For the national liberal TV networks and print media to deny to the American public the news that the Obama Administration admitted that they used the force of the Federal Government to silence millions of American Citizens, in order to fix the 2012 Presidential election for the sitting President, shows that those sudo-media outlets are in fact complicit in the coverup of these crimes. Is it any wonder that trust in the national media is at an all time low? That their ratings are down significantly? The “traditional media” has forfeited to social media their special place granted by our founders in the First Amendment of the Constitution by betraying their viewers and readers by acts of omission such as this and outright bias such as that being demonstrated and called for by the morally bankrupt New York Times.”
Zawistowski concluded “I am proud of the hundreds of my fellow TEA Party leaders who have stood strong for nearly six years under this assault on our rights by the Obama Administration.  We are winning in the federal courts and in the court of public opinion. Books like “The Intimidation Game” have documented the total corruption of our Federal Government under the Obama Administration and informed the public in a way the mass media has refused to do. We have not been silenced by these illegal acts, we are still here. We have become stronger as demonstrated by the domination of our favored candidates like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz in the primaries. We will not rest until the rule of law is re-establish and the criminals in our Federal Government are brought to justice - including the Democratic elected officials who were also complicit in both the targeting and the coverup. We thank our Representatives in the US House who have stayed the course and continued to pursue justice in the face of media intimidation. We look forward to rewarding their efforts by putting Donald J. Trump in the White House as President of the United States and returning our Federal Goverment to its rightful role of service to all Americans and not just the ruling class.”