FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Portage County TEA Party

Endorses Trump and Renacci

Withholds Endorsement of Portman and Joyce

donald trump make america great

Mogadore, OH  - The Portage County TEA Party today announced,  after a vote by it's members at it's meeting on September 28, 2016, that it endorses Donald J. Trump for President of the United States and Jim Renacci in the Ohio 16th Congressional District. It also announced that it is withholding its endorsement of Ohio Senator Rob Portman and Ohio Congressman David Joyce because they are not supporting Donald Trump, the Republican nominee, for President. The Portage County TEA Party, as a corporation, can endorse federal candidates as provided under the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling.

In making the announcement, Tom Zawistowski, Portage County TEA Party Executive Director, said "Our membership overwhelmingly voted to support Donald J. Trump for President of the United States because he wants want we want - a growing economy powered by a less regulated private sector not big government; good paying private sector jobs; the repeal and replacement of Obamacare with a competitive private sector solution; school choice for all students; a strong military; security at home and abroad including enforcing our borders; religious freedom and protection of our 2nd Amendment rights; and a Supreme Court that follows the US Constitution instead of dismantling it.”

Zawistowski explained, “ Donald Trump will stop the cancer of political correctness that is destroying freedom of speech, and even freedom of thought, in our country. So that we can resume having healthy and honest discussions about serious issues that must be addressed in our society.  We believe that Donald Trump is without doubt the best choice for President of the United States and we encourage all citizens to voter for him this election."

Zawistowski then talked about Trumps opponent, “Hillary Clinton is a threat to all the things that make America great. Hillary Clinton believes in global one-world government and wants to destroy our sovereignty as a nation by continuing the socialist big government programs of the current president. Such as flooding our nation with legal and illegal immigrants, federalizing our local police agencies, destroying our military, taking over parent's control of their children's education through common-core, and destroying the ability of businesses to startup and grow and create jobs due to over-regulation. Worst of all, she wants to replace Obamacare with single payer government health care which will eliminate choice, increase costs, reduce the quality of care, and lead to government control of every citizen's every action through the threat of denial of care once all private health care is eliminated. Finally, she will appoint the most radical Supreme Court Judges in the history of our nation who will change the Constitution in a way that will take away individual rights and freedoms and replace them with an all powerful federal government that will control every aspect of our lives and those or our children and grandchildren. Hillary Clinton will continue to divide our nation according to racial, economic, religious, and gender differences. Donald Trump will unite us once again as Americans and get government off our backs so that  “We the People” can “Make America Great Again.”

Zawistowski continued, "Our members also voted to endorse Congressman Jim Renacci in the Ohio 16th District but our organization has decided that we must withhold our endorsement of Ohio Senator Rob Portman and Congressman David Joyce in the Ohio 14th District. Senator Portman just withdrew his support of the Republican Presidential nominee, Donald Trump, and Congressman Joyce has never supported Trump. While Congressman Renacci has been very supportive of Trump since he became the nominee.”

Zawistowski explained the group’s issues with Portman, “By his actions, Senator Portman has chosen to set himself apart from the 90% of Republicans in Ohio who will vote for Donald Trump. His nonsensical statement that he “will be voting for Mike Pence” is purely wishful thinking on his part. It reveals his loyalty to the Washington DC establishment and his big monied backers, who have bought this election for him, instead of to the Ohio voters who he will be elected to serve. Every voter has to ask, if Portman cannot support Trump for President, how will he support the changes being demanded by the voters through their support of Trump once he is back in Washington? If Senator Portman reconsiders his position on Trump the Portage County TEA Party will reconsider its decision on his endorsement.”

Zawistowski concluded by saying, “As far as David Joyce is concerned his 36% conservative voting record proves that he votes with the Democrats 64% of the time. So in fact there is no Republican on the ballot in the 14th District - just two Democrats. Our group’s recommendation would be to just leave your ballot blank in that race.”

With early voting starting on Tuesday, October 11, 2016, the Portage County TEA Party encourages all eligible citizens to vote this election. The 2016 election is unlike any in our life time, as the vote for President this year will affect the direction of our nation not just for four or eight years, but for the next 40 years - because of the unusual opportunity for the next President to completely change the composition of the US Supreme Court. Citizens can view all of the Portage County TEA Party endorsements before voting on the groups website at .



The Following Canidates have been Endorsed by
the Portage County TEA Party PAC:

Tia Paoloni, Candidate for Portage County Clerk of Courts

Lori Calcei, Candidate for Portage County Recorder

Sabrina Christian-Bennett, Candidate for Portage County Commissioner

John Mancini, Candidate for Portage County Commissioner

Sarah LaTourrette, Candidate for Representative from the 76th District

Jim Lutz, Candidate for Representative of Ohio State House 75th District

John Eklund - Ohio Senate 18th District


Ron Tamburrino, Candidate for 11th District Court of Appeals