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16.23% of Portage Voters Turn Out to Pass New Taxes in Primary

Mogadore, OH: In an apparent demonstration of the strength of the economy in Portage County nearly all taxes on the ballot in the May 7, 2019 primary were passed by wide margins providing school districts, cities and townships with tens of millions of new tax payer dollars to fund their operations. Only 16.23%, 17, 216 voters, turned out to vote on the issues out of the 106,061 voters who could have voted in those areas impacted by the levies.
The only levy in the county that was defeated was a 1.25% income tax proposed by Waterloo Schools. Big winners included Field School District which passed 12.75 mills in new taxes which will cost the 6,000 or so property owners in the district almost $20,000,000 over the next five years. Streetsboro School District also passed 9 mills in new taxes which will costs the 4,500 or so property owners there about $10,000,000 in new taxes over the next five years. Full results can be viewed on the website of the Portage County Board of Elections.