My Fellow Patriots,

Earlier this week I wrote and asked you to take a survey about your attitudes toward starting a viable alternative party to the Republican and Democrat parties that are failing to represent the American citizens who elect them. You will see in the survey answers below that over 85% of mostly Republican activists would join a viable third party or consider doing so - if the Republican Party does not take action against those who run as "Republicans" and then do not keep their campaign promises.  The point of the survey is to show that if the Republican Party does not act, We the People will act to protect our interests and our nation, and it could spell the end of the Republican Party. The actions of "Republicans" in the coming months will dictate what happens!

President Trump has presented a historic opportunity for Congress to pass substantive tax reform. We have been promised for YEARS, by the Republicans we have elected, that we would get not only tax cuts but REFORM! Our movement was essentially started with the chant "Taxed Enough Already!" Not only do we pay too much in taxes, over 6 billion hours are annually spent complying with our tax code! We demand and deserve both cuts and reform!

Small businesses are often unfairly relegated to the extremes of the tax code. The National Federation of Independent Business estimates that small businesses spend between $15 and $16 billion complying with the code every year. Our combined corporate tax rate is 39% and is the highest corporate taxes in the world - when we used to be the lowest! In the face of these taxes, many companies opt to outsource labor or move their headquarters abroad which is why estimates are that Fortune 500 companies are holding over $2.6 trillion in profits overseas.

It's real simple, lower corporate taxes mean more business investment, which creates more jobs, which increases our personal income, of which we will keep more if we have lower personal income taxes and simpler filing requirements! It's up to the President and the Congress to keep their promise and get our economy growing again and we must have tax reform to get that done! Including REAL tax cuts, which means getting rid of this "revenue neutral" garbage and the bogus CBO scoring and understanding that tax cuts ALWAYS bring in MORE revenue to the Federal Government - not less! We can NOT allow Congress to just pick winners and losers by keeping the same tax burden and just changing who pays more and who pays less! Don't be fooled!

I ask you to join this vital fight and push the people we elected to keep their promises and deliver REAL Tax Reform by writing a letter to the editor, authoring an Op-Ed, going on a local radio or TV station, calling or visiting your congressman and senators, and passing this email along to all Patriots.  If you need information or help on this topic, you can email Bruce Tague at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and he will help you with whatever you or your group wants to do to help make sure we get Tax Reform. I have known Bruce for a long time and he is a true Patriot and someone you can trust. Please contact him today if you have any questions on what you can do. Thank you!

Tom Zawistowski