An online poll of 100 TEA Party Activists conducted this week in Ohio, by the We the People Convention, indicates only 2% support for the gun confiscation portion of Governor Mike DeWine's 17 Point Plan to reduce gun violence. A total of 94.5% of poll takers indicated that "Red Flag laws are nothing but a step toward Government confiscation of guns and will do nothing to stop mass killings."


Tom Zawistowski, President of the We the People Convention said, "While there was little support for any form of gun confiscation, and really little else in the Governor's plan, the one area that was thought to be important in reducing mass killing was increased mental illness evaluation and potential incarceration in mental hospitals for people who make threats and are found to be mentally ill. However, many conservatives are leery even of this idea since there is zero trust in the Psychiatric "profession", zero trust in activist Judges, and zero trust in school administrators who would be involved in these evaluations."

Zawistowski concluded, "While the radical left Democratic/Socialists scream about the need for more gun control, we hear no explanation at all from them about why their gun control has not worked in cities like Chicago and Baltimore and St. Louis. In those cities, innocent citizens are deprived of their Constitutional right to defend themselves and as a result they are being slaughtered in the streets while Democrat Mayors and City Counsels just stand by and let thousands of black Americans die and get maimed every year. Nothing is more racist than that and the main stream media is complicit in this racism. For Republicans to believe that the Democrat/Socialists are sincere about stopping mass killings in light of the weekly mass killing in our cities each week just shows how gullible and ignorant they are on these issues. Anyone who believes anything other than the fact that this is ALL about the Left's effort to create a national gun registry leading to gun confiscation is a damned fool."

Ohio Liberty Coalition Begins Preparation for
Ballot Referendum if Ohio Passes "Red Flag Law"


John McAvoy, President of the Ohio Liberty Coalition, announced yesterday that his organization would begin organizing to collect enough signatures to put a Referendum on the 2020 ballot to repeal any Red Flag Law passed in Ohio. The Referendum would be on the ballot at the same time as the re-election of any Ohio House Members who voted for it!  If you would be willing to volunteer to collect signatures to put a Referendum on the Ballot to Repeal any Red Flag law passed in Ohio, please click on this link to sign up!


Click HERE to Learn More and Order Your Tickets!


and work around online censorship by donating to build our State Wide Weekly Radio Show!


They are lying to Congress and committing crimes and the FBI and DOJ need to go after them with everything they've got! However, we do NOT want Government bureaucrats deciding what free speech to ban on social media, just like we don't want Big Tech deciding what free speech to ban on social media. What we want is FREE SPEECH! What we want is Section 230 CHANGED so that their is NO CENSORSHIP of ANYONE, just like their is NO CENSORSHIP of what I say on my Phone. The ONLY Answer is FREE SPEECH - so make Section 230 say, that Big Tech has NO right to prevent anything that is posted online. If someone doesn't like what you post, they don't have to look at it! If someone doesn't like a Prager U Video - DON'T WATCH IT! If someone posts something dangerous online - call the police and let them handle it under criminal law.


Unfortunately it appears that President Trump is proposing to put the FCC and FTC in charge of managing censorship and that is not going to work! It's like Obamacare, it was the Democrats problem until the Republicans did not "repeal and replace" it and now it is the Republican's and President Trump's problem. Big Tech is now rightfully blamed for destroying free speech with it's censorship of conservatives and should be held accountable but if this Executive Order is made, it will be the Trump Administration being blamed for social media censorship!!! Do NOT push this Executive order Mr. President. Fix the problem!


and work around online censorship by
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True the Vote Founder Catherine Engelbrecht
to be Honored with "Spirit of Freedom" Award
at 2019 We the People Convention!

The We the People Convention is extremely excited to announce that YOU will have the opportunity to join with your fellow Ohio Patriots and Honor a True American Hero when we present the "Spirit of Freedom" Award to True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht at the Noon Luncheon of the September 21, 2019 Convention! Catherine Engelbrecht, and her family, her family business, and her non-profit organization were subjected to brutal and illegal attacks by dozens of Obama Administration Agencies from the IRS to OSHA - simply because she wanted to make sure that only registered voters were allowed to vote in our elections.

In her 2014 testimony in front of Congress Engelbrecht famously proclaimed "I will not Retreat. I will not Surrender. I refuse to be Intimidated." Indeed she was not intimidated and this June 2019 True the Vote was awarded $2 million in damages from the IRS who discriminated against the organization according to a Federal Judge.

True the Vote has played a critical role, for the past 10 years, in helping TEA Party Groups around the nation to get the voter roles in their states purged of people who are dead, or no longer living in the state, and who are simply not US Citizens and ineligible to vote. Despite having the full force of the Federal Government used against her, she has made a huge difference in making American Citizens, and politicians, aware of defects in our election systems and getting the loop holes closed.
She is an example to all of us in the TEA Party Movement that it is up to us to force our government to do their jobs and provide for fair and honest election and to protect our own rights! Catherine embodies the "Spirit of Freedom" and we hope that YOU will join us in awarding her our highest award that the Ohio TEA Party has to offer!

Click Here to Order YOUR Tickets Today!

This Convention is not a rally, is not a place to come and hear speakers and be entertained. This Convention is an event for those who are willing to volunteer to do the important work that must be done in order to protect and defend our individual Freedom, Liberty, and Prosperity and WIN the 2020 elections! There are only 300 seats available and they need to be filled by Patriots who are going to leave the Convention with a checklist of things that they will commit to doing, in their own geographic area, after they leave the Convention. The focus of the 8th Annual 2019 We the People Convention will be:

• Voter Registration
• Candidate Recruitment for 2020 Primary
• Organizing to Stop Voter Fraud
• Organizing to Get Out OUR Vote in 2020

This content for this event is being created with the help of Judicial Watch, the Ohio Secretary of State's Office, and the National Rifle Association-Institute for Legislative Action.


The Cost of the Convention is: $35 per person and includes your lunch



If you think Donald Trump is just going to win Ohio again
and be re-elected in 2020 - you better think again!
Watch the Video then Support our Efforts to Win in 2020!



This Convention is not a rally, is not a place to come and hear speakers and be entertained. This Convention is an event for those who are willing to volunteer to do the important work that must be done in order to protect and defend our individual Freedom, Liberty, and Prosperity and WIN the 2020 elections! There are only 300 seats available and they need to be filled by Patriots who are going to leave the Convention with a checklist of things that they will commit to doing, in their own geographic area, after they leave the Convention. The focus of the 8th Annual 2019 We the People Convention will be: 

• Voter Registration
• Candidate Recruitment for 2020 Primary
• Organizing to Stop Voter Fraud
• Organizing to Get Out OUR Vote in 2020

This content for this event is being created with the help of Judicial Watch, the Ohio Secretary of State's Office, and the National Rifle Association-Institute for Legislative Action.


The Cost of the Convention is: $35 per person and includes your lunch. Click Here to Order YOUR Tickets!

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Take a Minute to Remember 10 Year's Ago how this all started at the Ohio Liberty Council Rally in Columbus on August 1, 2009

Thank you to Jason Mihalick for sharing this video we had never seen before until today!

Then Remember WHY we must ALL Fight EVERYDAYto preserve and protect our Individual Freedom, Liberty and Prosperity!

If you think Donald Trump is just going to win Ohio again
and be re-elected in 2020 - YOU BETTER THINK AGAIN!

Watch this Video then Support our Efforts to Win in 2020!


How much proof do you need? They are trying to silence all of us and in doing so steal the 2020 elections! Just watch this video. We must Stand Up and fight back! Learn about our plans to DEFEAT THEM by funding and building our own state wide weekly radio network for 2020 and then DONATE to make it happen!

Tom Zawistowski
We the People Convention

OHIO TEA Party Groups to Work with NRA-ILA AGAIN on 2020 Election

Akron, OH: The We the People Convention, announced today that the TEA Party/Liberty Groups in Ohio will be aligning primarily with the National Rifle Association's (NRA) Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) in an effort to win Ohio again and re-elect Donald Trump as President of the United States in 2020. The announcement was made after discussions were concluded between David Conte, the NRA-ILA Regional Grassroots Field Coordinator and WTPC President Tom Zawistowski. The two groups worked closely together, along with a very few other key partners, in 2016 to help produce the stunning 8% victory in Ohio that catapulted Donald J. Trump to the Presidency.

In making the announcement, Zawistowski said, “We are pleased to once again align our efforts in the 2020 Presidential election with the NRA-ILA because no other organization we have worked with in the past has treated us with such respect and in a spirit of true partnership.” Zawistowski continued, “In August of 2016, when Donald Trump had nearly zero support among political organization in Ohio, the NRA-ILA and the Ohio TEA Party Movement joined together and took the task upon our shoulders to defend our individual freedom and liberty by giving all we had to give in order to win Ohio and elect President Trump. Our efforts led directly to turning out thousands of voters who had not voted in decades and played a major roll in helping our faith based partners convince the critical Evangelical and Christian voters to trust Trump and vote for him.”

“Let us be clear, unlike many in our state, we do not just assume that Donald Trump is going to win re-election in 2020.” Zawistowski explained. “We know that the Democrat/Socialist left is desperate to defeat Trump in 2020 and by their own admission will "Do what ever is necessary" to accomplish that goal. We intend to use the resources that the NRA can provide for us to register voters, to prevent voter fraud, and to get out the Trump vote and win Ohio in 2020 and also defeat the anti-2nd Amendment efforts by the Left in Ohio. While we will be working primarily with the NRA-ILA, our activists will also provide assistance to the Trump Campaign and other pro-Trump groups in the state as we have in the past.” Zawistowski concluded.

Being a Friend Means Telling them the Truth Even When It Hurts . . . . Tell President Trump to VETO this Disastrous Budget Bill!

Look at these two charts . . . because of our great economy our federal Government is bringing in more tax revenue than any time in American HISTORY - $3.64 TRILLION DOLLARS - A YEAR!

At the same time, as President Trump keeps pointing out, we have DOUBLED the amount of revenue from Tariffs from $40 Billion five years ago to $80 Billion this year!

Yet we can't pay our bills in these very best of times? We are going to borrow and spend $320 Billion more on top of the $500 Billion PER YEAR we are already spending beyond what we take in? That is nothing less than GENERATIONAL THEFT! Not to mention INSANITY!

If we can't pay our bills in the BEST OF TIMES, how the HELL are we going to pay them in a recession? Only the Looney Left believes that you can borrow money and not pay it back! But the Republi-cant's are even WORSE, because they know better, and still they give you all the lame excuses for why we just "can't" cut spending. Then they just steal money that belongs to you and me and the American taxpayers and our Children and our GRANDCHILDREN to give to their friends and donors and special interests. It is nothing less that SHAMEFUL! Contact your US Senator and tell them you do not want them to pass this shameful budget bill - for all the good that will do.

Then Call or Write to the President and tell him the Truth, this Budget Bill is BAD for America, and for our future, and he needs to VETO the bill if the Senate sends it to his desk!


I am traveling the state to discuss how we as citizens must prepare for the 2020 election and to inform your community about the challenges we face. My presentation will explain our current political environment and detail the responsibilities of all citizens for the year ahead. We will provide information that is not available from any other source and set priorities for the future of our TEA Party Movement both in our state and nation.
It is time to start preparing for the battle of our lives. Do NOT assume that Donald Trump is just going to be re-elected! The Communist Left is desperate to regain power over YOU and US and will do ANYTHING to make that happen. We must out organize them, we must out work them, and we must DEFEAT them in 2020!
Please join me at one of the meetings we currently have scheduled, or invite me to make a presentation to your group. If you want me to come speak, please send me an email to give me some dates and times and I will get you on my schedule!

Up Coming Events:

Wednesday, July 31st at 6:00 PM
Cuyahoga Falls Republicans
American Legion Post 281
1601 Front Street
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221

Wednesday, August 7th at 7:00 PM
Top of Ohio Patriots
Ohio Hi-Point Career Center
2280 State Route 540
Bellefontaine, OH 43311

Tuesday, August 13th at 7:00 PM
West Chester TEA Party
9286 Schulze Drive
West Chester, Ohio 45069

Tuesday, August 27th at 7:00 PM
Geauga County TEA Party
The West Woods
9465 Kinsman Rd
Novelty, OH 44072

Our Government made is so and NOW they need to Fix it!


Despite growing complaints about censorship, privacy breaches, unfair business practices, and even election tampering from the right and now the left, no one has been able to do anything to rein in the harmful actions of “Big Tech.” Why is that? Well, as is often the case, the best place to start is in the beginning. A recent conversation with a Congressman revealed an interesting, and incredibly disturbing, fact about what happens when successful tech startups, like Facebook, go public.

Most Americans expect that when a company does its Initial Public Offering (IPO) that the Government makes sure that the company becomes responsible to the people who buy their stock. The Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) has rules upon rules about financial disclosure and transparency for “public” companies. So, how is it that a “public” company like Facebook and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg are not responsible or accountable to their stock holders?

You see, what our government has been allowing these so called “public” companies to do in their IPO’s is set up different types of stock. There is nothing wrong with that - normally. Many companies have several types of stock. Facebook has Class A shares, which the public gets to buy, and they have one vote per share. It also has Class B shares, which only insiders get to buy, and each share gets 10 votes. It is believed that Zuckerberg controls 60% of the Class B shares himself. What that means is that Zuckerberg has the votes to do whatever he wants and the stock holders can’t do anything about it and believe me they have tried. He isn’t even accountable to the Board of Directors whom he can vote out if he wants.

So, if one person can make all the decisions for a “public” company and even the stockholders have no say, how is that a “public” company at all? How is this possible? Why would government regulations allow them to get away with this behavior? We will answer that question shortly, but the problem gets worse.

Most public companies are accountable to not only their stockholders and Board of Directors, but also to their customers. Customers can obviously choose which companies they buy from, so that is one way consumers hold companies accountable. Except Facebook and Google are in fact monopolies, so customers do not have that option. 

For customers of regular companies, if they do not get the products or services they ordered or signed up for, or are injured in some way by the company or its products, they can sue in court for damages. Guess what? Thanks to Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and the rest of Big Tech can’t be sued by their customers - for anything! Our government gave them this very special protection and now Big Tech is using that to grow and flex its power - over us. 

Facebook, meaning Zuckerberg, is not accountable to its stockholders. Facebook is not accountable to its Board of Directors. Facebook is not accountable to its customers. At this point it isn’t even accountable to any Government in full - particularly the U.S. government!  How is that possible? 

Well, let’s just say that it looks like their monopoly power wasn’t an accident. It was quite possibly a quid-pro-quo as documented in this little known research done by Scott Cleland that lays it all out, chapter and verse, names and dates, of how Google and Facebook were rewarded with massive monopoly power in exchange for helping to re-elect Barack Obama to a second term. Be sure to click on the timeline link in his blog.

Then there are massive lobbying efforts and campaign donations by Facebook, Google and others in Big Tech. It was creepy in April of 2018 to see Zuckerberg testifying in the House Energy and Commerce Committee knowing that nearly every single Congressman questioning him had taken donations from Facebook. Who was representing citizens or customers at that hearing? Little wonder that over a year later, nothing has been done to reign in Big Tech.

The point is that these companies may be more powerful than the government itself and are financially larger than most countries in the world. Facebook was in Washington just this week talking about starting its own currency. Next I guess they will have their own military - if they aren’t already controlling ours! 

As we are seeing, this is dangerous in so many ways, but most of all it is a danger to everyone’s freedom, to democracy itself, and literally to free thought. Dr. Robert Epstein, the foremost expert on Google search censorship and search manipulation, calls what Google is doing “The most powerful form of mind control ever developed by man.

Finally, President Trump and his administration are waking up, but if they do not act immediately, it could be too late. Missouri Senator Josh Hawley has been leading the fight with Texas Senator Ted Cruz to take the most important step - getting Section 230 revised so that Big Tech becomes like our cell phone companies. They provide a service by delivering our content, but they have nothing to say about that content.That relieves them of liability and returns our free speech rights. That is the simplest fix and it should be done now.  

Wednesday, the FTC hit Facebook with a $5 billion fine for its past abuse of users’ privacy. Although this penalty amounts to the largest penalty ever levied against a tech company, experts don’t expect it to change the social media giant’s behavior because Facebook’s quarterly revenue is three times bigger than the fine brought against it - and Zuckerberg avoided personal liability even though he ordered the companies illegal actions. 

So more must be done. I have been told that Congress is drafting legislation, which we hope would receive bipartisan support, to change the law so that one person cannot have voting control over a public company - like Facebook does. As Dr. Epstein suggests, the Google Search Index should be made a public property, similar to how ICANN controls internet addresses. Certainly, the DOJ and FTC need to look at what happened in the Obama Administration and explore ways to break up these monopolies which, in my opinion, were illegally created from the start. All of this needs to be done!

This threat to world democracy, to our freedom to think and debate and believe that which we can reason, brings us to a major decision point in world history. Are a handful of technical people going to dictate to billions of people how they live and even think, or are we going to act to ensure that technology serves humanity and respects our freedom?

Like it or not, now is the time to decide and our elected officials are the ones who must do as they swore to do, and that is to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and the rights of all our citizens. The people have already decided. We want Big Tech brought down to size and under control and we want that to happen NOW! One thing is crystal clear, if our Representatives do not act, the results on election day 2020 will be devastating to them and our nation.


Tom Zawistowski is the President of the We the People Convention, a state wide TEA Party group in Ohio, and has been the CEO of TRZ Communications in Akron, OH for the past 35 years.

Anyone who thinks that the Communists Regressive Leftist, who have taken over the Democrat/Socialist Party, are proposing Government Controlled Health Care because they care about you or your family OR your health OR about making healthcare "affordable" is being duped into surrendering their Liberty! If there is ONLY Government Controlled "Healthcare" then YOU have given complete control of YOUR LIFE to the Government!

Once "single payer" or "Medicare for All" is in place the Government can MAKE YOU DO ANYTHING. If you voted for Trump, you don't get that hip replacement. You refuse to use the "proper" "transgender pronoun", your child doesn't get their asthma medicine. You dare to question "man-made global warming" and your mother doesn't get her insulin this month - until you comply!

If you think that a Democratic/Socialist controlled US Government wouldn't do such things, think again - or read the "Intimidation Game" by Kimberly Strassel of the Wall Street Journal to see how Barack Obama weaponized the entire federal government against the American People. It was ONLY OUR FIGHT against full implementation of "Obamacare" and the election of President Donald Trump in 2016 that saved us - for now. 

We ALL need to understand - Healthcare is a LIBERTY ISSUE! Tyrants, Dictators and Communists have used control of health care to control people for centuries. Their claim that the Government can deliver better healthcare, at a lower cost, is absurd on it's face and disproven by our experience with the US Veterans Administration where patients have been killed and abused and mistreated for DECADES by unaccountable, unqualified, union protected "employees".

The ONLY way to get better healthcare for lower costs is FREE MARKET, competition - WITHOUT GOVERNMENT CONTROL at ALL. Right NOW 40% of healthcare cost is "administrative" cost - much of which is from complying with government regulations. Half of healthcare cost is UNNECESSARY but ordered to avoid being sued or fined for not complying with "mandatory" treatment requirements. Government involvement is the problem not the solution that they claim it will be!

If WE do not defeat the Regressive Communist Left in the 2020 elections, they will IMPOSE Government controlled "Healthcare" on YOU and all of US and destroy ANY CHANCE for private healthcare to ever return in the future. Your individual Freedom and Liberty, and that of all future generations, will be lost FOREVER!

We NEED YOU to support our efforts to fund and build our statewide weekly radio network (Click HERE for Details) so that we can use the public airwaves to educate our fellow citizens about the dangers of the policies being proposed by the radical Democrat/Socialists. Right now, all the general public hears is that private healthcare, like what most of us have, is "unfair" and thus private healthcare should be ended completely.

The general public is led to believe that "Medicare for All" or "Single Payer" or whatever linguistic camouflage they are using lately to hide the fact that it is really GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED healthcare, will be "fair" and "better for everyone" and "affordable" and "inclusive" by including "free" healthcare for illegal immigrants paid by YOU. It's all a LIE and WE must expose that lie if we are to defeat the Regressive Communist Left in Ohio in 2020!

People must be told the truth about this scam that is designed to enslave them and it is up to US to get that message out in order to derail the plans of the Communist Regressive Left by defeating them in the 2020 elections. Without a public voice, and we are being intentionally denied our public voice on social media, on the internet, in newspapers, on television, even via email today, we will not be able to get out our vote to win the elections and preserve our individual Freedom, Liberty and Prosperity AND private healthcare! Please donate to help build our statewide weekly radio network TODAY and get your donation doubled by our matching challenge!