Citizens fight through rain, flooding and closed roads to attend Powerful Greg Lawson Presentation Thursday!


With Iran Shooting Down a US Drone

Yesterday's Topic Could Not have been More Timely! 

"The Threats to the US by China, Russia and Iran"

Thanks to Greg Lawson for making the rain filled trip to and from Columbus to educate NE Ohio citizens about the history of China, Russia and Iran and how that history drives their actions today. The bottom line is that these three nations hate the "West" and the US in particular - and historically speaking they have good reasons for that. What American's do not understand is that we have entered into a new cold war and we are going to have to fight and defeat these countries, economically, politically and militarily.
Greg Lawson pointed out that Donald Trump is doing exactly what we need to do by imposing tariffs on China and sanctions on Russia and Iran. No other US President's have been willing to do what needs to be done to stop China from steeling our technology and our jobs and using our money to build a military that can compete with ours. However, he made it clear that we, the American people, are going to have to be willing to pay a price for Trump's stand because Freedom is NOT FREE! We are going to have to pay more for products but hopefully more of them will be manufactured here in the US.
It is up to YOU and I to educate our fellow citizens about the real threats from China, Russia and Iran and help them understand that we need to WORK and VOTE to keep our economy and military strong because we are going to need all of our resources to win this new cold war! As Greg pointed out in his closing statements, that means that we must also stop the efforts by the Communist Left in the US from taking over our Government because their efforts will guarantee that we lose this new Cold War.
Finally, he made it clear that America has become fat and happy and lazy over the last 30 years because we have not had a real challenger since the fall of the Soviet Union. His thought was that once it becomes clear that China is a serious threat, it may help America come together, as we have in the past, to focus on a common enemy and realize that we are all on the same team and we need to defend the greatest nation in the history of the world. It was a GREAT presentation and we thank Greg for giving it to us!