Please go to Dan Bongino's Podcast and listen to him spell out for you how Robert Mueller was hand picked by a cabal of Clinton/Obama/Leftist to be the Special Counsel for one purpose - to make sure that the Trump Administration NEVER is able to turn the focus of the FBI and DOJ toward investigating ALL of the Crimes Committed by the Clinton's and Obama and their sycophants. This is not theory, Bongino names names and lays out the timeline to make the case that Mueller, Rosenstein, Weisman and a bunch of people you never heard of are running this scam to save their own skin. This is the most complete point-by-point, step-by-step, fact based explanation of what happened, why, and what is going on right now. Remember the names Nadder, Ruemmler, Bower . . . then DEMAND that a 2nd Special Counsel be appointed to investigate the this criminal syndicate within our Federal Government who are attempting to over throw our duly elected Government. (Be sure to click the links as well.)