Talking Points on "Medicare for All":

When your hear someone say they support "Medicare for All" or ObamaCare or any kind of Government controlled Healthcare, tell them that the only thing in the History of Mankind that has consistently produced better products and services, at a lower cost, is Free Market Capitalism. What we are FOR, and ALL Americans should want, is low cost, high quality healthcare, that EVERY American can afford provided by private companies - not government. So called "Medicare for All" is Government run overpriced, inefficient, inferior heath care that no one can afford and no one should want!

Most importantly remind them that we are AGAINST any form of Government controlled health care system because it is a LIBERTY ISSUE!  Once the private health care industry is gone, as Socialists "Democrats" Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris are proposing, Government can control YOU! If the Government controls your health care, they can control EVERYTHING you do or cannot do and you are no longer free. That is why the Communists and Dictators always provide provide "free healthcare" to every citizen. That is how they control the population. If you don't agree with a government that controls every single part of your health care they can kill you, or worse yet your children or spouse, simply by denying you access the the treatment you need. Americans want government OUT of health care not controlling it!

"Medicare for All" is fools game, it is a trick designed to mislead the ignorant - and it works only if YOU don't expose the lie that it is to the people you know. Here is the proof. Recent polls say that 71% of American's support a national health plan that would "guarantee health insurance as a RIGHT for all Americans".  (Take note, by the way, of how the left intentionally interchanges health insurance with health care which are NOT the same things!) When those same people in the poll are then told that "Medicare for All" would require that people pay more taxes their support falls to just 37%. Then when told that some medical tests and treatments could be delayed or denied in a government run health care system, like what happens in Britain and Canada, support drops to 26%!  How many people would support government health care at ALL if they understood that it is a means for Government to control your behavior and deny your freedom??? It is up to YOU to make that truth be known to everyone you know and to help us defeat this threat to our way of life and to our individual liberty and freedom!

For Liberty,

Tom Zawistowski
Executive Director
Portage County TEA Party