Greg Lawson to Speak at PCTEA Meeting

The Topic will be:
"The Threats to the US by China, Russia and Iran"
Thursday, June 20th at 7:00 PM
Maplewood Career Center
Conference Room B (NOT Cafeteria)
7075 State Route 88
Please mark your calendar for Thursday night, June 20th, two weeks from Tonight at 7:00 PM at Maplewood Career Center. The Portage County TEA Party Speakers Bureau will be hosting a presentation by Greg Lawson from the Buckeye Institute in which he will explain the threats to America by China, Russia and Iran.
Greg R. Lawson is a research fellow at The Buckeye Institute, but his passion is studying foreign affairs and in particular Russia. This presentation will inform you about the very serious threats - economically; militarily; and politically by these three dangerous adversaries - that are not getting the coverage they deserve by our fake news media and even on conservative media.
Please plan to attend and bring a friend. The Maplewood Cafeteria will be closed on that date, so we will be meeting in Conference Room B which is just down the hall and to the left of the cafeteria. Refreshments will be served and the meeting is open to the public.