Ravenna School District Wants to Teach Your Kids to Hate Each Other and Themselves!
Marxist Ravenna School District Superintendent, Dr. Laura Hebert, sent the message below out to all staff calling for a "Commitment" to Indoctrinate YOUR Children and Grandchildren with the hateful, racist, anti-white, anti-American, lies of Critical Race Theory. It would be appropriate for Parents and Tax Payers to attend their little meeting on September 16th and make it clear that any Administrator, Board Member, Teacher or Staff who believes this provably false nonsense and wants to inflict this destructive ideology on our children through indoctrination needs to RESIGN IMMEDIATELY and GET THE HELL OUR OF OUR SCHOOLS!
 Ravenna Superintendent
Marxist Dr. Laura Hebert
Otherwise read her note, share this Email with Everyone, Plan to Added the Meeting!
The "Steering Committee" has no intention of collaborating with you or anyone else! They intend to bully you and shame you and your children into accepting their flawed and failed Marxist ideology of "equity" vs "equality". The answer to them is not NO it is HELL NO! These America Haters have no business being in our schools or to be paid with your tax dollars. Take pictures of all of them and make it know publicly who they are and do not let them anywhere near your children. Demand that YOUR elected School Board members show them the door along with Superintendent Hebert!
Leave anonymous tips about any Teacher or Staff in the state who tries to indoctrinate your Child so we can get them fired!