Press Release

For Immediate Release: June 27, 2018

Supreme Court Janus Ruling Good for Workers and America

Mogadore, OH:  Tom Zawistowski, Executive Director of the Portage County TEA Party, celebrated today's 5-4 Supreme Court Ruling in the Janus vs AFSCME decision concerning a workers right not to be in a public sector union and not to be forced to pay union fees. Zawistowski said "Today's Supreme Court 5-4 decision effectively ends forced unionization by public sector unions nationwide. Something that the TEA Party has fought for since its beginning because this practice violates the constitutional rights of all union workers. Do not mistake our position. We are NOT against unions. In fact we in the TEA Party think we need MORE union representation so workers can use collective bargaining to get better wages. Middle class wages have been stagnant for 25 years until Trump came into office. What we are against is CORRUPT unions, who use the force of law to force people to join and pay due instead of offering services and benefits that make workers WANT to join the union. These corrupt unions then use these ill-gotten fees to fund politicians with anti-American positions against the will of at least half of their own union membership."

Zawistowski continued, "In Ohio 94% of Union Workers have NEVER even had a chance to vote on what Union represents them. They are prisoners of a corrupt system that funds the radical communist Left in our nation. In Indiana, when Right to Work was passed, Union membership went UP not Down because the unions actually had to listen to the will of their union members and provide valuable services. This ruling will help make that happen for more union workers and that is a good thing.It is estimated that this decision will cost public sector unions nationwide nearly $3 billion in annual fees that they currently use to elect radical Democrats and corrupt Republicans. This ruling will change the political landscape in places like New York, NJ, and California where union money assured hard left Democrat wins. It is important to note, that Neil Gorsuch was the deciding vote because TEA Party Members and common sense Americans made the right decision in the 2016 Presidential Election and elected Donald Trump!"