June 6, 2017


Chief Mike Marshman
Police Bureau
City of Portland
1111 SW 2nd Ave
Portland, OR 97204

Dear Chief Marshman,

I am writing to thank you and your officers for providing excellent security for the pro-Free Speech event in Portland this weekend. Thanks to your departments efforts, our fellow TEA Party brothers and sisters, and the other conservatives who attended, were able to hold a peaceful public meeting to defend the 1st Amendment and exercise their constitutionally guaranteed rights. 

We cannot thank you and your officers enough for keeping those who wish to trample our rights and silence our voices from being able to do so in this case. I can assure you that all of us in the TEA Party Movement nationally understand the invaluable role our local police play in keeping the peace and enforcing the laws of our nation. 

We have, and we will continue to stand solidly with our valiant police officers who have been under attack by the same people who tried to shut down the event in Portland this weekend. They must never succeed in destroying the authority and the integrity of our  local police or in ending civil public debate about the important issues in our communities. Thanks to your efforts they did not succeed this past weekend in Portland and Liberty once again defeated tryanny.  


Tom Zawistowski
Executive Director
Portage County TEA Party