FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Akron, OH - Tom Zawistowski, President of the We the People Convention, released the results of an Ohio poll conducted today to determine support for President Trump and his policies since the election. The We the People Convention poll last October was the first and most accurate poll predicting the huge Trump win in Ohio. The poll conducted today re-polled the voters who participated in the original poll and 249 Ohio voters provided their opinions. A total of 112 participants in today's poll, had said they would vote for Trump and actually did vote for Trump last November, with 91 (82%) saying that they fully support the President now and 19 (17%) saying that they strongly support the President now. Meaning that 99% of actual Ohio Trump voters still support the President and only 1% do not.

The poll today showed 55% of Ohioans support President Trump now, including 8.6% who said they voted for Hilary Clinton, and only 45% do not support the President. That is an increase of 3% from the 52.1% who voted for Trump in Ohio last November. Other findings in the poll results show that 60.8% of participants do not believe that the Russians had anything to do with Trump winning, while 39.2% believe that the only reason Trump won was because of Russian interference in the election - 92% of whom voted for Clinton. Finally 53.88% of the poll participants said that they trust Donald Trump more than the media while 46.12% said that they trust the media more than Donald Trump.

Zawistowski commented on the poll results saying, "The polling industry pretended to do a lot of soul searching after being completely wrong in last year's election, but these results prove that nothing has changed. The Quinnipiac poll showing Trump support "at a new low" of 33% and the Gallop daily tracking poll showing only 38% support are simply wrong, at least in Ohio. Like last year, we believe that these polls, unlike our polls, are designed to affect public opinion not find the truth about public opinion. Last year it did not work and it is not working this year, even more so, because the election results proved that they were fake polls. Only the minority of die hard Democrat voters believe these fake polls because they want to believe them. Just like they believed the phony polls about Obama over the past 8 years. It actually is laughable to us in Ohio that the fake news media and those on the left can actually convince themselves that even though the economy is booming; unemployment is down; food stamps usage is down; the stock market is soaring; and small businesses are growing - it has nothing to do with Trump and the majority of American's do not approve of his performance! This poll demonstrates that those who believe these fake polls continue to be out of touch with reality and simply can't see past their own bias and hate for the President, for the American working class and for American Values. Those of us in Ohio pray for these lost souls who bought the lie and are now living that lie as their actual lives."

The poll contained 39.75% Republican voters, 39% Democratic voters and 20.88% self described Independent voters. A total of 57% were women and 43% were men and represented all age groups from 21 to 65+. The poll was conducted by TRZ Communication of Akron, Ohio.