For Immediate Release: Wednesday, November 4, 2020
Akron, OH - Tom Zawistowski, President of the Ohio based TEA Party affiliated We the People Convention, tonight celebrated Ohio's decisive vote to Re-Elect President Donald J. Trump for President. Trump was declared the winner after it was clear that his margin of victory far exceeded the number of outstanding and uncounted absentee and provisional ballots. At the time the race was called, Trump had 3,074,418 votes (53.6%) versus 2,601,681 (45.19%) with only 311,519 absentee and provisional votes still not counted. The 8% margin of victory over Joe Biden matches Trump's 8% win over Hillary Clinton in Ohio in 2016.
Zawistowski said, "I want to thank the tens of thousands of TEA Party and Liberty group volunteers and group leaders who supported the plan that the We the People Convention unveiled over 18 months ago to assure Trump would win Ohio again in 2020. These Patriots contributed to fund our five station Ohio Radio Network that allowed us to talk directly to Ohio citizens all year. They funded our highly acclaimed podcast and website, as well as our email and text messaging systems. Most of all, these Partiots grabbed on to our Sign Wave, Trump Train Road Rally and Barn Billboard programs and made them unbelievably successful and effective. These efforts generated tens millions of impressions that got our pro-Trump message out directly to voters. We knew that we would be censored by social media and ignored by traditional media in 2020, because that is how we beat them in 2016. Our comprehensive campaign efforts generated far more impressions than we could ever get from social media and was a key to today's election results."
Zawistowski continued, "Then there was our relationship with the National Rifle Association-Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) which allowed us to win Ohio for Trump in 2016 and this year allowed us to fight for Trump not just in Ohio but all over this nation. I want to thank NRA-ILA Grassroots Field Director David Conte and the leadership of the NRA-ILA for trusting the Ohio Patriots to lead their efforts in this critical election. I want to thank the hundreds of dedicated Ohio volunteers who worked tirelessly for months and earned the respect of the NRA for their unbelievable productivity. The Ohio Team sent out over 2 million text messages, knocked on thousands of doors and mailed 20,000+ hand written postcards to key voters in Ohio. Then helped do millions more text messages in 35 states getting out the vote not only for President Trump but also for five US Senate races and three US House races. What the Ohio Team accomplished was truly extraordinary and the results of this effort became apparent tonight."
Zawistowski added. "We want to congratulate Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose and his staff and all of the County Boards of Elections for running a clean and fair election under circumstances that were dramatically more complicated by our states response to the Coronavirus. Certainly we want to thank the 55,000 Ohioans who stepped up to work the polls to make it possible for the rest of us to vote in person at the polls on election day - which approximately 2.5 million Ohioans did safely. Our organization sincerely thanks its thousands of supporters who worked the polls yesterday throughout Ohio."
Zawistowski concluded, "We will be watching the national results in anticipation of an electoral vote victory for the President in the days ahead. The President has a clear path to victory once all the legal votes are counted. What all of America is witnessing this election is a rejection by the American people of the anti-American agenda of the Democrat/Communist Left, the entire regressive movement, all of academia, the incompetent and out of touch media, the statists in our government, the anti-capitalist globalist, and their allies in Big Tech. This election is a referendum on the choice between Individual Freedom and Liberty and State Control. In Ohio the voters decisively rejected government overreach and tyranny and we expect that the rest of the nation will as well in the end."