Fellow Patriots Rejoice!

Despite all of our concerns, all of our worries, about the future of our great Nation, today we are going to gain much perspective and celebrate the Good News!  This week President Trump decertified the horrible Iran Deal, he signed an Executive Order that guts Obamacare and allows insurance companies to sell across state lines to associations of small businesses and more, the EPA announces the end to the destructive and illegal "Clean Power Plan", and he is winning the fight against the NFL and it's players who are protesting the lie that white cops are just gunning down black men because they are racist when nothing could be further from the truth!

The fact is that President Trump is keeping his election promises and doing everything he can to "Make America Great Again!" against incredible obstacles! From the 93% of the media coverage being totally negative, to House (watch this if you have time) and Senate Republicans undermining his every move, to the deep state within the DOJ, FBI, NSA and other agencies committing felonies almost every day by leaking classified information or leaking information about the corrupt Mueller Investigation of the phony "Russia Collusion" scam. It is almost impossible for citizens to find out all the good things that are happening, because the Alt-Left media and their Social Media allies from Silicon Valley are doing everything they can to hide the facts. However, I found this terrific website that I want you to share with everyone you know and for you to check at least once per week going forward and you will be AMAZED at all the good that is happening:

Get Your Good News at: http://www.magapill.com

These people are doing a fantastic job of linking every story about the good that is being accomplished that I am going to make it my HOME PAGE on my browser! Please take a look and share it with everyone you now!

Now at the Values Voters Summit in DC Friday, there were some great speeches, but I want to highlight two of them. First, Freedom Causus Leader Mark Meadows fired up the crowd at the Values Voter Summit Friday: “Don’t you think it’s time that Congress quits talking and they start doing? Isn’t it time? ” said Meadows. “If we don’t get behind this agenda, an ‘America First’ agenda, if we do not get behind it, it is time that you send us home.” I think he is on to something, I think in 2018 we should vote them ALL out of office! Democrats and Republicans! Click on this link or the image to view his video:

Then Radio Host, Dr. Bill Bennett, did a great job of explaining the President's accomplishment so far in a great recap that you must watch and share. Click on this link or the image to do so:

I hope that this email helps you to see that we are winning, however slowly, and that we must persist in our efforts to take back our Government from the "Ruling Class" and the deep state and restore Representative Governance! I hope this email finds you well. I thank you for ALL that you have sacrificed for our Freedom and Liberty!


Tom Zawistowski

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