For Release: Sunday, February 25, 2018

TEA Party Poll Shows DeWine and Renacci with Commanding Leads

Akron, OH:  Today, the Ohio TEA Party organization, the We the People Convention, released the results of a state poll of confirmed Republican primary voters that shows that Mike DeWine has a commanding 22% lead over Mary Taylor in the Republican primary for Governor, while Jim Renacci has an even more commanding 24% lead over Mike Gibbons in the US Senate Republican primary with 70 days left before the May 8, 2018 primary. The poll also indicated that 84% of Republican primary voters did not think that it was right for the Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee to endorse candidates before the primary election. The telephone poll was conducted for the We the People Convention by TRZ Communications Services of Akron, OH, on Saturday, February 17, 2018. It included 1,152 randomly selected and confirmed Republican primary voters with the poll results having a 95% confidence level with a ± 3% margin of error. This poll was conducted using the same methodology as the poll taken in late October 2016 which was the ONLY poll in the nation to accurately predict, within 2% points, the Trump win in Ohio.

Tom Zawistowski, President of the We the People Convention, said, "These poll results are very disappointing to all lovers of liberty, and particularly conservative Republican voters, who believe in our electoral system and believe that the citizens should get to vote for who they want to represent their political party in the general election. These results prove what Donald Trump said all of 2016, and what Bernie Sanders supporters know for a fact, the system is rigged against the will of the people by the establishment in both political parties. The establishment has taken away the votes of the people by manipulating who is running for Governor and for US Senate on the Republican primary ballot and by the Ohio State Republican Party picking winners and losers by violating their Chairwoman's promise not to endorse during the primary. Actions which 86% of Republican primary voters in our poll said were wrong. Our organization will not endorse in the Governors race, as it is foolish to spend any time or effort participating in a rigged game. In fact, a separate poll of Liberty Group leaders conducted this month showed that 68% wished that they had another option in the Governor's race, after Renacci was pushed to the Senate race and Husted had joined with DeWine, and did not want to support either DeWine or Taylor. Our best option may be to recruit a team of business conservatives, like Trump, to run as Independents for Governor as the choices provided by both the Republican and Democratic Party do not represent the values or the will of the majority of Ohio voters."

Zawistowski continued, "The loss of Josh Mandel as a Senate candidate was devastating to our activists who had spent six years supporting him and were very much looking forward to carrying him to victory over Sherrod Brown. We endorsed Mike Gibbons for US Senate on the day that Josh Mandel dropped out, but it is clear, now that Jim Renacci has entered the race, that he has the backing of President Trump, the entire Ohio US House Caucus including Jim Jordan and Warren Davidson, the national and state Republican Party, and has a commanding lead in the polls. We will wait to see how the Senate primary plays out and let the voters decide, then we will support whichever candidate wins in an effort to unseat Sherrod Brown. The main priority of the Ohio TEA Party Movement this year is to protect the US House of Representatives so that our agenda for America can continue under a Trump Presidency. Therefore, we will endorse shortly in contested Ohio US House races and use the vast majority of our time and effort to elect the most conservative candidates we can in the primary and in the general election. Fortunately, the establishment did not manage to rig those elections prior to the filing deadlines and the voters have some excellent choices, even in current Democratic held seats, thanks to the TEA Party recruiting challengers in those races. We will also look at some Ohio House and Senate races and local races where we will endorse via our state PAC, the Ohio Citizens PAC. Interestingly, our poll showed that even though the Ohio Republican Party voted to endorse incumbent establishment candidates, 55% of Republican primary voters trust the endorsement of the Ohio TEA Party Movement more than that of the ORP.  Indicating that our federal, state and local endorsements will be very valuable in the primary for those candidates who share our conservative values and who we choose to endorse and support in the weeks ahead."

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