FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday, July 13, 2017



Akron, OH - Tom Zawistowski, President of the We the People Convention, today announced the result of the first Conservative Coalition Tracking Poll which measures the current position of the four announced Republican Governor candidates among TEA Party and Liberty Group Activist, Social Conservatives, Gun Owners, Fiscal Conservatives, and Trump Democrats who formed the coalition that carried Ohio for Donald Trump in last year’s Presidential Election. The We the People Convention held a “Meet the Republican Governor Candidates” event outside of Columbus on June 24th where all four candidates were given the opportunity to address nearly 300 top activist in the state for an hour each. Mary Taylor was the only candidate that did not attend due to personal family issues. The poll results show that US Congressman Jim Renacci was the overwhelming winner among the WTPC attendees, with 61.74% of those voting saying that if the primary election were held today he would get their vote. Secretary of State Jon Husted was second with 23.48% of the vote, while Attorney General Mike DeWine receive support from 14.78% of the voters.

Commenting on the poll, Zawistowski said “I would not have predicted that Congressman Renacci would win by such a large margin, since many if not most of the attendees were meeting him for the first time. He obviously made a strong first impression. (You can see a complete video of Renacci's presentation here. The other candidates opted not to release the video of their presentation.) All three candidates made excellent presentations and the question and answer part of the program was very insightful for both the candidates and the activists as the poll results also show. I would point out that we did ask in the poll if those voting were open to changing their vote between now and the primary election in 2018 and nearly 50% said they were - with only 31% saying they would not change their vote. Most importantly, 91% of the activist said that they intended to work in their community for their candidate and 95% said that they would likely support the Republican Primary winner, even if their candidate were not the nominee, depend on who wins the primary. I think that is why the candidates felt that it was important to speak at this event because the people who attended are the people who got out the vote last year and will get out the vote again in 2018.”

Zawistowski concluded by saying, “This is a tracking poll like we did last year with so many people in the Republican Presidential Primary. We will continue to poll at least once per month until the Lieutenant Governor candidates are announced later this year. Then I would expect that we would start to see a consensus that would lead to an endorsement of one of the four. This gives the candidates time to speak to individual groups around the state to make their case and we are actively working with all the campaigns to book them with our groups in the coming months.”