My Fellow Patriots,

I write to you today, to bring to your attention the challenges that lay before all of us, and to remind you of your Duty as a U.S. Citizen and as an Ohioan.  I will not mince words. Neither you, nor I, nor anyone we know, are truly "excited" about the vast majority of RINO Republican candidates running in our state for federal, state or local office. We are not fooled, the Republican primary was a joke. The Republican party did everything it could to keep people out of races, or force people out after they got in, or to put their fist on the scale to make sure that only the big monied, special interest backed establishment candidates won. We get it. We lost that fight and now we have to move on to the next fight.

Many of you will remember in 2016 that Donald J. Trump was not the first choice for President, or our second, or the third choice for many conservatives. However, once he had become the Republican nominee those who cared about our Constitution and our nation understood that it was our Duty to vote for the candidate who was most likely to do the things that we wanted to be done to protect and defend our Constitution and our Liberty. I remember writing to you, and talking to groups and leaders all over the state and our nation, explaining that we had to vote in our own best interest, and the best interest of our nation, and not for the person or in Trump's case the personality. It was a persuasive argument and it resulted in record numbers of Christians and Evangelical Christians coming out to vote for a man with many moral flaws but who pledged to defend their Constitutional Rights - and after being elected he has done that in spades! While it was difficult for many to do, it was our Duty, our moral and legal obligation, to vote in our own best interest and the interest of our nation.

In 2018, in this mid-term election cycle, one thing is crystal clear - YOU and EVERYONE YOU KNOW needs to vote for EVERY REPUBLICAN on the ballot whether you like them or not. I mean what I said. Why? First, because EVERY Democrat on the Ballot has vowed to stop President Trump, or in the case of state and local races to continue to push their statist big government, high tax, divisive leftist identity politics agenda on YOU and your family. They are not "Democratic Socialists" they are Democrats who are now Socialists! Second, because our only hope right now is to protect President Trump by holding the US House and Senate and keeping a Republican controlled state government for the 2020 election. That means that we have to hold all 12 Ohio Congressional seats, we must elect Jim Renacci for Senate and throw Communist Sherrod Brown out after 40 years living off our public dollar, and with a little extra work take out one or two of the four Democrat Ohio Congressmen!

So, here is what we MUST DO. First, next Tuesday, on August 7th, their is a special election for US Congress in the Ohio 12th District between Republican Troy Balderson and the Democrat.  We can not lose this seat - even if the winner will only be in office until the end of the year! Why? The Left wants you to believe that there is a "blue wave" of Democrat support that is going sweep Nancy Pelosi back into the Speaker seat in a Democrat controlled US House. Our polling shows clearly that there is no "blue wave" in Ohio, however, with a summer special election, which generally have very low voter turnout, the Democrat could steal this Republican seat with very few votes and then all we will hear on the national news is BLUE WAVE!  This will be BAD for you and I and our nation and our state, because that will cause tens of millions of dollars to come into Ohio for every Congressional race and the Senate race in Ohio that otherwise will not be here in the fall to be used against us.


If you are in the 12th Congressional District, I need you to get everyone you can to get out and vote for Balderson on Tuesday. President Trump is coming to Delaware, OH on Saturday, August 4, 2018 at 6:30 PM to campaign for Balderson you can register here.  If you are outside the 12th Congressional District but know anyone in it, please call them or forward this email to them and ask them to get out and vote on Tuesday and bring others with them! We must win that election!

Second, we are going to be teaming up with the NRA Political Victory Fund again this year to elect Republican federal candidates in the fall. I will have information for you next week about how you can call voters from home to urge them to vote for Jim Renacci for Senate and for the Republican Congressional candidate in your area. We are less than 100 days from the 2018 election and we need to start letting our fellow Ohioans know what is at stake for them and our nation in this election. The Democrats are running on a platform that supports taking away your tax cuts, re-implementing Obamacare, opening our borders and our cities to anyone who wants to come in, re-regulating industry, appointing radical Judges at all levels who make law from the bench, and impeaching Donald J. Trump!  We can not allow any of that to happen.

Let me close with an analogy. In 2016 it was like landing on the beaches of Normandy in World War II. We had nearly lost our nation to the communist left and by electing Trump we had established a beachhead to start retaking lost ground. This year, if the Socialist Democrats can take back the US House, with the help of the Republican Establishment like the Koch Brothers, they will push us back into the sea and our nation will be lost - forever!  Believe it. There will be no wall, there will be no rule of law, there will be no United States of America if we lose. If we hold our ground in the 2018 mid-term elections, we will then be able to retake even more lost ground over the next two years by appointing more Supreme Court and lower court Justices, by building the wall, by making the tax cuts permanent, by keeping our economy booming, by defeating the deep state and re-establishing equal justice under the law. That will put us in a position to win a land slide re-election for Donald Trump in 2020.

It is my sincere hope that after we hold our ground in 2018, that Donald Trump will see that he needs to help us reform the corrupt Republican Party and in 2020 and beyond we will be able to stop the manipulation of our primary elections and remove most of the RINO's from office going into Trumps second term. We will see what happens, but for now, our course is clear. We must hold our ground and to do so we must turn out a huge vote in November and elect every Republican on the ballot because it is in our own, and our nations, best interest to do so. It's not about them, it's about US! 

I thank you for all that you do for our state and our nation and I have no doubt that once again you will do your Duty as a US Citizen and Ohioan. If we are a nation of the people, by the people, and for the people, then We the People need to do our Duty and take the necessary action to decide who will represent us and our goals and to defend our Constitution and our Liberty. Losing is NOT an option. Only YOU can make sure that we crush our communist opponents in November! Let's get 'er done!


Tom Zawistowski
We the People Convention