Joint Portage GOP - TEA Party Meeting a Huge Success!

Joint Portage GOP - TEA Party Meeting a HUGE SUCCESS!

One of the largest crowds in years came to the Joint Portage County Republican Party - Portage County TEA Party meeting to meet the local candidates in person, pick up signs and commit to keeping Portage County Red in the November 8th Election which is just 60 DAYS AWAY!

Former Senate Candidate Bernie Morino addresses the Meeting about the Convention of States as Portage Republican Chairman Amanda Suffecool Answers Questions

Here is the Call to Action for ALL Portage County Conservatives:

The Portage County TEA Party also ask ALL VOTERS to vote for John Hagan for Ohio State School Board in District 9! John has been a warrior fighting against CRT and the destructive "Trans-Agenda" being forced upon our children and grandchildren by the Democrat Communist Controlled Unions!
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Ohio August 2nd Primary was a Debacle!

Ohio's August 2nd Primary Election was a DEBACLE!

An 8% "Turnout" is not how you get "Representative" Government - and that is NOT what we got! We had a measly 632,000 Ohioans out of 8 MILLION vote! Meaning that 92% of Eligible Voters will NOT have participated in the election of the very same Ohio House and Ohio Senate "Representatives" who created this disgrace! While we certainly did our best to take advantage of the low turnout, as you will see by the results below, we take NO PLEASURE in seeing so many of our fellow citizens not participating in our most important right - the right to vote!

The Legislature approved spending $30 MILLION of OUR TAX Dollars to have an election that DEMONSTRABLY caused voters NOT to want to vote in it because of the confusion caused by two primaries, the time of year and the lack of candidates on the ballot! They spent nearly $50 PER VOTE CAST for this Non-Election Election! Far too many candidates were un-opposed and confusion reigned throughout the day as those voters who wanted to vote struggled to figure out what Districts they were in and who should get their votes. 

This can NEVER BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN AGAIN IN OHIO and all citizens need to make that clear to those in the Legislature who created this mess! Oh wait, that will be hard to do because those Legislators ended their sessions on June 2nd and have "Recessed" until after the November Election because their main job is making sure that they retain their power - NOT doing the things We the People expected them to do that I spelled out in my Letter Last Week!

Tom Zawistowski
We the People Convention 

Ohio Citizens PAC Endorsements Have Good Election

The Ohio Citizens PAC Endorsed Candidates won 20 of the 33 Ohio House seats we endorsed in and 33 of the 66 State Central Committe races. While three out of 4 Ohio Senate endorsee's won, we did not prevail in the Ohio 13th Senate District which was the only contested race.

It is clear that many of these wins were the result of Patriots turning out to vote and being a larger percentage of the total voters because of the low turnout. We thank all of you who did vote in the August 2nd election and especially those who voted for our endorsed Candidates!


Tom Zawistowski
Ohio Citizens PAC
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