Time to Put Your Tump Signs Out Again


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, February 10, 2017

Akron, OH - Tom Zawistowski, President of the We the People Convention and Executive Director of the Portage County TEA Party, is calling for citizens to put their Trump sign from the election back out in their yard again, or make new ones, to show support for the President in response to attacks on them and him by the regressive Alt-Left, Democrats, the radical media, and activist judges, who are trying to invalidate what they voted for in the Presidential election. Current polling by Rasmussen shows that a 57% majority of Americans support President Trump’s “extreme vetting” efforts to protect America from terrorist attacks through his temporary immigration ban executive action. A total of 53% of all Americans now approve of President Trumps overall performance since he took office.

Zawistowski said “While the Alt-Left controlled regressive Democratic Party, and its activist judges, ignore the tragedy of what has happened in Europe with their failed “open border” policies, President Donald J. Trump stands with the American people who demand that we be protected from terrorism by our government. I am asking those who elected Trump last November to show their support of the President’s actions, and defend the validity of their own votes, by putting their old Trump sign back up in their yard or making a new sign. This will remind our fellow citizens and the media that Trump’s support is not only standing firm with the President, but that it is growing in size as the polls indicate."

Zawistowski continued "While some are calling for Pro-Trump rallies, our sign plan will be more effective as it denies the Alt-Left the opportunity to create the physical confrontation with Trump supporters that they so desperately desire. Our signs spoke volumes during the election and they will again now as people show their support in a non-confrontational manner. So put out your Trump sign again and show that you are proud to have elected a President who actually listened to the wants of the American people and is keeping his promises to them.”

Zawistowski concluded “The polling shows that the efforts of the Alt-Left to “stop” the policies that American’s voted for in the Presidential election are failing badly despite a constant onslaught of phony protests, fake news, and out of control suicidal obstructionism by deranged Democrat “leaders”. All we can say to the Alt-Left and their allies in the media is “keep it up”! You are exposing yourselves as the anti-American globalist bigots, racists, bullies and haters we always knew you were, who are responsible for our failed government, failed education systems, failed families, failed judicial system, failed medical systems, and failed economy over the past 75 years. Thanks to the actions of the Alt-Left, the choice becomes clearer every day for all Americans, as to what side they want to stand with, and they are standing with President Trump and common senses conservatism that actually works in the real world.”
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