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We the People Convention Endorses Jim Renacci for Ohio Governor

For Immediate Release: Wednesday, March 2, 2022 
Contact: Tom Zawistowski,

We the People Convention Endorses
Jim Renacci for Ohio Governor

Akron, OH: Today, Tom Zawistowski, President of the We the People Convention (WTPC) and Executive Director of the Portage County TEA Party, announced that his organization is endorsing Jim Renacci for Ohio Governor in the Republican Primary Election and Joe Knopp as his Lt. Governor.
Zawistowski said, "I will be voting for Jim Renacci and Joe Knopp personally and I ask all conservative Republican voters in the Primary to vote for them as well. Mike DeWine does not deserve to be re-elected. DeWine illegally delayed our primary election in 2020. DeWine picked winners and losers during the China virus pandemic and ordered thousands of small businesses to close down by declaring that they were "nonessential" while promoting big box stores as "essential". His thuggish running mate, Jon Husted, brazenly came on our TV's and said that he "would shut off your electricity and natural gas" if your business did not comply with his tyrannical commands to close your business immediately. DeWine and Husted grossly mismanaged the Ohio unemployment system that they knew was broken, and promised to fix, but instead their pathetic efforts delayed critical checks from getting to Ohio families for weeks and months in a time of need while they sent millions of dollars to people who were not eligible. He misused "emergency" powers to violate our Constitutional rights. He sided with the teachers unions over the best interests of our children. DeWine sided with big Pharma and the Ohio Hospital Association and restricted our access to prophylactic treatment to protect against Covid and pushed vaccinations and totally ineffective mask rules. No conservative, no real Republican, certainly no one who supports President Trump's MAGA agenda, can vote for Mike DeWine."
Zawistowski continued, "Many people forget that Jim Renacci was the mayor of Wadsworth, Ohio which gives him important executive experience other candidates don't have. Plus, he is a very successful businessman, so he knows how to run large organizations and work with other businesses. Another critical skill for a Governor. Finally he was a U.S. Congressman and so he knows how Washington, DC works, or doesn't. Which also is critical knowledge for anyone who is the governor of a state because so much of the money, too much, comes from Washington, DC to the states - with strings attached. These life experiences make Jim Renacci eminently and uniquely qualified to be Ohio's next Governor and why he is deserving of your vote. We gladly endorse him and Joe Knopp in the upcoming Republican Primary."
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